Goal & Vision

Kacham Satyanarayana strongly believes in “think what you have done for the country before you expect something from your country”.

His goal is to ensure the society avail of all kind of necessities; it might be education, health, employment and all other opportunities offered by the government. Kacham has become an asylum to the people looking for survival opportunities. People say Kacham is only the person having political energy with mankind efficiency and able to work for the society and always shows will power to clear the issues.

His crux of speech delivers peace; protect the law of human rights, society development with unity. He is strongly against to the violence and always plans to achieve goals by uniting the society only not with violent actions against the power. Kacham organized many activities like blood donation camps, health camps and addressing people to bring awareness on various issues around the society.

As a teacher, leader, visionary, columnist, Kacham has earned long last faith in party and society. And still he continues his journey of serving society, protecting human law/rights by leveraging more and more efforts; just because of – ‘he dreams his society is his property’.